Worship at Silver Lake Community Church
Our worship service is not about coming to church "to see what I can get out of the church service".
It's about coming to church to have an opportunity to give back to God for all that He has blessed us with!
Worship is giving all that we are to God, for all that He is! At SLCC, our worship service begins with
a blend of contemporary music and traditional hymns that bring glory and honor to our Lord,
as well as ministers to all ages. We also incorporate prayer, testimonies, scripture reading, 
ordinances of the Gospel (baptism and communion), and a Christ-centered message
that is easy to follow, understand, and apply.

True worship is not about rituals or traditions, or even about "us". It's about our adoration of our Gracious Lord.
It's about our reverence and honor of Him, not only for what He does for us, but for who He is. If we truly worship Him,
it will produce a change of heart. We will have greater desire to love, obey, and draw ever closer to Him!

We don't believe that worship is a temporary experience set aside only for Sunday mornings or other church services.
Our worship of Almighty God should be a constant, daily activity, that we express through praise, song, prayer,
meditation on His Word, service to others, giving with a joyful heart, and living in a way that honors Him!

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